Secure and Easy-to-use Hardware Wallet in Your Pocket
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XebaWallet is a secure hardware wallet for cryptocurrencies in credit card size with NFC connectivity and you can use it with your smartphone. XebaWallet has a new hardware-to-hardware backup with no need to mnemonic words. Entire code runs in a secure element chip with MasterCard/Visa Card security grade. With superwallet-subwallet schema, XebaWallet can divide coins between small and large amount for better security and more availability.

Hardware Wallet

Don't keep your secret keys on exchanges or other cloud servers. Your smartphone and laptop is not good too. XebaWallet is a secure wallet with Master/Visa card grade chip.


XebaWallet is NFC-enabled, easy-to-use and mobile friendly. No cable, adapter and charger. Just tap your XebaWallet card to your smartphone.

Credit Card Size

XebaWallet is in standard credit card size and fit in your pocket. It's a new generation of hardware wallet that is easy to carry and use everytime and everywhere.


What is our journey?

  • 2005-2016

    Working On Cryptography And Smart Card

    We have a solid background in cryptography and smart card industry. Our experience is in electronic passport, national ID card, payment cards, healthcare records and public key infrastructure.

  • August 2016

    Research On Blockchain Is Started

    We found blockchain and cryptocurrency very promised and started research to solve crypto wallet challenges.

  • April 2018

    Our New Company Is Established

    We established a new company to work on our ideas. XebaWallet is a spin-off from Xeba Technologies, LLC.

  • February 2019

    XebaWallet Is Born.

    XebaWallet card proto-type and mobile app is ready to proof our innovations. In addition, we filed three patents.

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Our Amazing Team

We bring our technical and business experience together
to build a beautiful product and make cryptocurrency easy to use.

Hossein Rezaei


Massoud Alibakhsh


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